5-Cycle Systems with Holes by Bryant D.E., Hoffman D.G., Rodger C.A.

By Bryant D.E., Hoffman D.G., Rodger C.A.

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Let Φν be any Schwartz function on kν2 invariant under Kν (under the obvious right action of GL2 ), and put ην (g) = χν (det g) | det g|sν · kν× χ2ν (t) |t|2s ν · Φν (t · e2 · g) dt where e2 = e2, ν is the second basis element in kν2 . This ην has the same left Pν –equivariance as ην , namely a ∗ ην · g = |a/d|sν · χν (a/d) · ην (g) 0 d For Φν invariant under the standard maximal compact Kν of GL2 (kν ), the function ην is right Kν –invariant. By the Iwasawa decomposition, up to constant multiples, there is only one such function, so ην (g) = ην (1) · ην (g) (since ην (1) = 1) and1 ην (1) = kν× χ2 (t) |t|2s · Φ(t · e2 · 1) dt = ζν (2s, χ2 , Φ(0, ∗)) (a Tate-Iwasawa zeta integral) 1 From now on, to avoid clutter, suppress the subscript ν where there is no risk of confusion.

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