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C cuts off the screen along the baseline toward the basket and looks to receive a lob pass from PF. If the lob isn't open, PF passes to SG on the wing, and sets a double screen with PG for the SF (Diagram B). SF breaks off the screen to the top of the key for a pass from SG and a jump-shot. Diagram C illustrates the next option if SF can't take the jumper. C moves from the low post to the foul line, clearing the way for SG to try a backdoor move. PF screens down to free PG for a jumper. SF can either find SG going backdoor or pass to PG for the shot.

PG then clears out to the opposite side of the floor. SG gets the inbound pass in to PF for the quick jump-shot. The timing of PG's move around the screen behind PF's break is critical. Page 59 Drill #49: Scatter Drill Objective: To safely inbound the ball using a modified stack set. Description: This drill begins with the shooting guard (SG) inbounding the ball and the rest of the offense positioned as shown in the diagram below. Notice that the small forward (SF) is positioned just behind the power forward (PF), who is in the middle of a horizontal three-player stack.

The small forward (SF) moves down the lane to set a pick for the power forward (PF). After SF screens, he rolls hard toward the inbounder looking for a pass deep in the lane. PF loops around SF's screen into the lane looking for a pass and the short jump-shot. Meanwhile, PG has been working without the ball to shake his defender. PG serves as the fourth, and least desirable, alternative for the inbound pass since any quick shot he could get would be from long range. Coaching Point: If his team has any time outs available, SG should be instructed to use one if none of the primary options are open.

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